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We offer cutting-edge choreography services for your music videos, commercial spots, or live events, specializing in choreography of masses, "real people" choreography, and artistically driven projects demanding a sophisticated and conceptual choreographic approach. 

We have extensive experience working with trained dancers of all styles, as well as non-dancers, actors, and large numbers of extras and volunteers, and with the public as participants. We employ specialized systems and tools to manage large-scale performances from Olympic size ceremonies to flash mobs, and film environments working with large casts.

Choreography for us is not just dance steps. We work with all aspects of movement. From the microscopic to the epic, we can orchestrate the movement of both people and objects, or of people in relation to objects, surroundings, architecture, topography, sets or moving structures, as well as work with camera movement in relation to choreography. We teach and mentor dance on camera production internationally within the emerging field of "screendance" and our work offers distinctive choreographic comprehension of camera work and cinematic language.

Integrating provocative, meaningful and high quality choreography to great ideas is what we do. We can provide anything from consulting to full production including choreography services, dancers, casting, direction or production according to your need and budget.

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